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2011-09-01 20:30

using lua wsapi with mini-httpd

It took me a while to find out how to use lua wsapi.cgi with mini-httpd. however, getting this to work is quite helpful if you dont need something as huge as a
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2011-04-06 11:20

downsampling a live stream for relaying

A quick description on how to downsample an icecast stream with ffmpeg and using ezstream to stream it back to the server. [h3]the problem[/h3] recently, i h
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2011-02-13 14:35

using sshfs inside a linux vserver

today i tried to remember how i allowed a user to use sshfs from within a linux vserver. so just to remember, here is how i did it. sshfs is a cool too to re
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2010-11-29 10:30

access to sms messages on a 3g dongle

After a recent discussion in a pub i looked into how to access sms messages on the sim card on a 3G dongle. here are the first results after playing around wit
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2010-11-27 16:21

and again:something simple

right, i think i tried almost every blog software or similar cms out there. i'm just not happy with it. so, again, i tried to hack something together myself. i
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2010-11-26 20:40

mutithreaded freedom

i wrote this article almost 5 years ago for kerneltrap. at that time i titled it "part I" but never wrote a second part. Some thoughts on the Hurd and commu
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2010-11-05 14:30

android revisited (work in progress)

another thing i wanted to do for a while is writing down what i think about android. so i will try to collect both all the stuff which really annoys me and som
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2010-10-15 15:10

apache2, lua and wsapi

So, finally i sat down and setup apache2 with lua via wsapi + fcgid. i have been using apache2 and haserl before, which is relatively easy to set up and insan
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