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no, it's not a blog really. just a collection of some stuff.
01 Sep 2011

using lua wsapi with mini-httpd

It took me a while to find out how to use lua wsapi.cgi with mini-httpd. however, getting this to work is quite helpful if you dont need something as huge as a(...) read full article
06 Apr 2011

downsampling a live stream for relaying

A quick description on how to downsample an icecast stream with ffmpeg and using ezstream to stream it back to the server. (...) read full article
13 Feb 2011

using sshfs inside a linux vserver

today i tried to remember how i allowed a user to use sshfs from within a linux vserver. so just to remember, here is how i did it. (...) read full article
29 Nov 2010

access to sms messages on a 3g dongle

After a recent discussion in a pub i looked into how to access sms messages on the sim card on a 3G dongle. here are the first results after playing around with it for about 20 minutes this morning: (...) read full article
27 Nov 2010

and again:something simple

right, i think i tried almost every blog software or similar cms out there. i'm just not happy with it. so, again, i tried to hack something together myself. i tried the common blogs, like wordpress, serendipity. they are all great for what they are, but i didn't want a software where i have to worry about upgrades and compatibility once a month. i also dont like to remember passwords. (...) read full article
26 Nov 2010

mutithreaded freedom

i wrote this article almost 5 years ago for kerneltrap. at that time i titled it "part I" but never wrote a second part. (...) read full article
12 Nov 2010

my gnupg key

This is my gnupg key, in case you want to send me a nice email (...) read full article
05 Nov 2010

android revisited (work in progress)

another thing i wanted to do for a while is writing down what i think about android. so i will try to collect both all the stuff which really annoys me and som(...) read full article
15 Oct 2010

apache2, lua and wsapi

So, finally i sat down and setup apache2 with lua via wsapi + fcgid. i have been using apache2 and haserl before, which is relatively easy to set up and insanely fast. however, wsapi offers some advantages, also it works with fast cgi, which is the point of this tutorial. i have not done any speed comparisons between those two options though, maybe i will some day.(...) read full article
04 Jul 2010

A Zero for an O

Or: How Associated Newspapers Ltd tries to stop Gordon Brown's deportation by shutting down a website. Britain's tabloid press has not excatly the reputation of being quality press, some say it has also the reputation of being openly racist. It also has no humor for sure, at least not if somebody has a good laugh on their costs. (...) read full article


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